Relaxation Music That Is Refreshingly Different
Relax to Two of Ninindi’s Refreshing ‘WATER’ Songs As If You Are Relaxing By The Creek, In Nature, or Swimming In The Sunlit Ocean

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Ninindi Johnstone, singer, songwriter, whose original sound is inspired by nature, tunes into natural surrounds to product wonderful harmonising music which amplifies the forces of nature that sustain us.

As a mother of six, Inspired Artist and Sound Sculptress, Ninindi's music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things. 

So dive deep into and nature, and surface revived and connected to all living things. Become aware of life as never before with two songs from Ninindi’s ‘Water’ themed album, ‘Water of Life’ and ‘Water for Life’ when you enter your name and email address in the appropriate form.

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