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Ninindi - The Good, The Bad, The Everything

I remember when I was 12 and I was playing my electric organ and singing in the lounge room.. a friend of my mother came into the house from the back door out of sight and said to her, 'is that the radio playing?'

I felt pretty good in that moment.

I developed the love of singing as my parents - old school Italians - would sing in harmony on long road trips to Brisbane. Coming from tropical FNQ (Far North Queensland) - it was a very long way! Two to three days drive.

That was in the 1980s. Now, I've kept my love of singing and developed it into a talent for songwriting and educating myself in production.

Music by Ninindi

'Water' - The first album I created in 2002

Dive into the feeling of water - the drop of rain to the sound of the ocean. A themed album for meditative listening and inner reflection of life. Read more..

Auxiliary Album for a Set of Planned Oracle Cards

A collection of interpreted musical soundscapes representing a variety of flora and fauna.

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You know how you don't like to see photos of yourself, but you know you just have to sometimes when it comes to marketing. hehehe.

A mix of candid and studio shots of me - Ninindi.

Live Candid Shot

At a friends small festival with a drumming circle

Studio Shot

In a blue butterfly dress - posed shot by friend photographer

Studio Shot

Posed shot with friend photographer - feeling the sexy red vibe!

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