'Water' - The first album I created in 2002

Dive into the feeling of water - the drop of rain to the sound of the ocean. A themed album for meditative listening and inner reflection of life.  Read more..

Auxiliary Album for a Set of Planned Oracle Cards

A collection of interpreted musical soundscapes representing a variety of flora and fauna.

Listen to more; Ninindi's Music


I was 12, playing the organ and singing when a friend of the family came through and said to my mother, 'is that the radio playing?'

She was saying that about me!  

I felt pretty good in that moment.

From the time I was a child, my parents would sing harmony in Italian, on long road trips to Brisbane from Far North Queensland, Australia.

This was in the 1980s. Now, I'm still singing and playing music on my guitar. Read more


Live Candid Shot

At a friends small festival with a drumming circle

Studio Shot

In a blue butterfly dress - posed shot by friend photographer

Studio Shot

Posed shot with friend photographer - feeling the sexy red vibe!