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Singer, Songwriter and Heartpreneur, Ninindi Johnstone

"With her magical ethereal voice and masterful song writing, Ninindi informs, delights and seduces.  Close your eyes and take a mysterious journey with Mother Earth."  - Wolfgang Flatow
Ninindi Johnstone, the barefoot earth walker, is a singer with an angelic voice.

Six children later and she still has a passion to share her music with the world.  For transformation of habits and programming through music, and the experience of pure happiness and joy via song.

Ninindi spent many years honing her voice singing in small groups and for her children. 

She feels she has a strong connection to earth and nature, and when she sings she resonates in harmony with all the natural forces around her.  Out of this experience with nature, Ninindi created the album, ‘Water’.  Which was created to raise awareness for pure water preservation. 

‘Water’, the album, takes you on a journey through many various forms of water, such as rain and the burbling of a creek, expressed via sound and songs.

The songs are a mix of English language and light language, that is fluently verbalised through Ninindi. The tone of the music is very much relaxing, like water.

Ninindi has performed these songs and other original songs based on nature, life transformation and affirmations, at local mini festivals and local spaces of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

She is in the planning stages of providing custom music to people, for couples, occasions, businesses, and transformational seminars.  All with a focus on shifting the old into the new with uplifting, positive lyrics to inspire and transform lives.


I listened to Michael Jackson when I was a kid because my sister would play it all the time.

My parents were a big influence on me because they would sing their choir songs on our long driving trips, and I aimed to improve my voice so that I could sing beautifully.

I’ve been told I sound like Joni Mitchell at times. But I love world music, rock, r&b, some techno and hiphop.. and sacred music.
My favourite sacred music artists are: Sacred Earth and Shimshai.

Other artists I like are Murray Kyle – Conscious Roots and Soul, such beautiful heart inspiring lyrics. 
The Unusual Suspects – A Funky Balkan Gypsy Brass Band I love to dance to. 
Xavier Rudd. 
Mike Love – Reggae, they play with such open hearts and open lyrics. 
Michael Franti – same with Michael, such an open heart. 
Nahko and Medicine for the People – I admire his purpose and presence and his words. 
Ed Sheeran – I really like the sound of his music. 
And some oldies: Nina Simone and Tracey Chapman.

Favourite Quotes:

‘The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.’ – Robert F. Kennedy 

‘Self development is a state of the heart.’ – Ninindi Johnstone

‘We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.’ – Mother Teresa

‘Any situation that you find yourself in, is an outward reflection of your inner state of beingness.’ – El Morya

‘Four Principles of Listening: 
1. Listening grants others the power of speaking 
2. Listening is a gift. Be generous with it. 
3. What we listen to is more important than what we say. 
4. Communication is what is heard, not what is said.’
– Al Ritter

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