ABOUT Ninindi

I remember when I was 12 and I was playing my electric organ and singing in the lounge room.. a friend of my mother came into the house from the back door out of sight and said to her, 'is that the radio playing?'

I felt pretty good in that moment.

I developed the love of singing as my parents - old school Italians - would sing in harmony on long road trips to Brisbane. Coming from tropical FNQ (Far North Queensland) - it was a very long way! Two to three days drive.

That was in the 1980s. Now, I've kept my love of singing and developed it into a talent for songwriting and educating myself in production.

I guess you could say I was a shy child. I tended to keep to myself and play on my own with my 'invisible people'. I'd get creative making things on my own and loved to doodle and paint.

I became interested in music when my family bought me an electric organ. Then they spent money to hire someone to teach me.

At the time I was living in a ramble down shack - previously a tobacco shack and shed in Far North Queensland, growing up my children. A small family of three.

Being a creative singer, I also spent a lot of time singing; mainly to my children.

Life moved on. I spent a lot of time invested in trying to make and not succeeding. I had an inner block that kept me from ever making any substantial moves, or if I did make money, I lost it pretty quickly.

So I continued to live on the government pension, kindly provided in Australia. And even though the money from a pension is small, it is still a great privilege to be able to receive it when your options are low. It also allowed me to simply concentrate on my children.

Fast forward to 2010. I had 5 children by then, we'd moved to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and I felt like being actively creative in my community. So I began to sing in a local club, had my own gig, and generally just being creative.

I also had started to dig into my reasons for being a money repellant through energy healing modalities. Even more importantly for me, I began healing my anxiety from talking to people. I'd had a life-long anxiety that appeared around meeting new people, trying to talk to new people and talk in groups of people.

All this healing and generally being creative helped my life overall. However, it didn't necessarily take me where I wanted to go. And that is, financial abundance, fulfilling my dreams and doing what I enjoy while having financial abundance.

I am, and have been, happy overall in my life. I mean, I live on the East Coast of Australia - the weather is mostly warm, there is beautiful green vistas, the ocean is beautiful, and it's an alternative hub outside of major cities - even on a small pension, how could I not like this life?

In 2019, (6 children now) I came across a healing modality that outshone all the others. It was quick, simple and produced outstanding results for me. I'm in the middle of learning how to do it myself right now. It is that effective.

I've found the anxiety that I had around people has completely disappeared. Plus other issues I had vanished. And it wasn't by problem solving these issues that they became solved. The results came about by focusing on my end result. So instead of wishing for the anxiety to disappear, I focused on having great relationships with people.

Now I'm doing the same with my abundance of money. I'm focusing on my end result. Hence I started my online business of which I have two major directions: music and healing. I'm currently weaving these two seemingly different occupations together.

And living with my 6 children in a beautiful part of the world.