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When Will We Ever Learn?

The Great Sandy Strait is under threat of Colton Coal Mine.  
Toxicity from waste would contaminate the ocean and kill marine life. 

Let's avoid this by preserving our natural wonderland - our great earth. 

By banding together and presenting a united force.

Music written and produced independently by Ninindi.
Video produced and edited independently by Ninindi.
BitPulse22 - The Community Driven Crowdfunding Portal

BitPulse benefits people with worthy projects.

Based on the bitcoin cryptocurrency, which sets the scene for a change in perceptive of economy, BitPulse aims to provide you with funds to get your worthwhile projects underway.

With only a small investment, you can be underway with BitPulse22 and rising to the fulfilment of your loving project.

Music written and produced for BitPulse22 by Ninindi.
Video produced and edited for BitPulse22 by Ninindi.
Higher Key - Official Music Video

Higher Key is based on the principles of contribution, communication and connection. We - our collective - have a Huge End goal: to see a harmonious humanity focused on co-operation and community.  

As Bruce Lipton says, "Anything that encourages co-operation and community is the next step in our evolution".

Music written and produced for Higher Key by Ninindi.
Video produced and written for Higher Key by Ninindi.
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