"A truly beautiful spirit - and so gifted xxxx"

Joanna Giles, Sunshine Coast

"The next minute this angel voice starts, and everybody stopped, and their mouths just dropped.

And I was taken to another place.   It was like melting.

Ninindi voice is very moving.  The first time I heard her, she had the same effect on me where I just felt chills up my spine listening to her music.

She has a very beautiful voice bringing the new dimensional aspects through to us all.

We're not only hearing with our ears, but we're feeling with our heat, an you you could almost feel like you're in another world.

Ninindi has a great way of channelling her music through and affecting everybody."

Bobbie Richardson, Sunshine Coast

“I really love [Ninindi's Water Album], I really enjoy the whole cd. 

All of Ninindi’s beautiful relaxing, calm, fluid, luscious rhythms and vocals. 

I love to put it on and relax to it.  It does totally remind me of water, which is where I go when I want to relax down at the creek and listen to the water.

Yeah, Ninindi’s cd takes me to that place. A deep sense of peace and relaxation. It’s like taking a deep breath of stillness.”

Robin Clayfield, Crystal Waters

"Good on you Ninindi there is a very clearing tone to your sound I love it..! I get chills or shivers around my aura. Bless you xox ✨🐬✨"

Effrozini Alexpoulos, Victoria

"Your singing is like a vine growing, nature developing, connecting strands, flowing over you.  Nature sounds." 

Merri Winter, Maleny

"I love your voice, how it resonates to the depths of my soul. You have such an amazing gift Beautiful Woman ♥"

Misha Elle, Landsborough

"Ninindi's music fills your being with peace, joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times".

John Harracharan, United States

"Ninindi's music helps me feel peace and connection with myself, and also this feeling of having a journey to another space, dimension, or another world.

A world where it is possible to just feel from your soul and your heart, and connect with other people who sense that vibe.

It's like a type of massage - inside - a massage for your heart and your brain.

Her music reminds me of angels singing. She has a beautiful voice, with a strength too, inside the melody.

Her lyrics also connect with a part of me that is the hope of this world, and hope that something different is possible.  To perceive life in another way.

I recommend Ninindi's music very, very much because you can also be a part of the music - like dancing - and let yourself be free with the dance that comes to you.  Or you can also meditate, be still and quiet inside yourself.

When I first heard her music, I heard it from a distance, and I was like WoW!  Who's voice is that?

And slowly, slowly my body, my soul, came closer and felt all the harmonies. 

Ninindi is like a channel from another dimension, or a channel to what we have inside us to express through the music."

Rumi, Spain

“Ninindi Johnstone has one of the most healing, mother earth voices. 

If you have a spare 20 minutes please drop in to experience her sound. 

You can also purchase her music, just ask her and she will show you how. ♥” 

Grace Hart, Sunshine Coast

"With her magical ethereal voice and masterful song writing, Ninindi informs, delights and seduces.  Close your eyes and take a mysterious journey with Mother Earth."

Wolfgang Flatow, Conondale

“Sacred and Danceable Music”

Gumala, Landsborough

'Feels so soothing.'

Maree Reidel, Eumundi