Music BIO

Ninindi Johnstone was born in Ingham, Queensland.

A first generation Italian, she grew up in the tropics around the ocean and mountains, in high humidity and on burning hot roads where she would walk barefoot around cane farms, commune with bush spirits and swim in the nearby Mossman Gorge.

A self-taught singer, Ninindi’s passion for music stems from listening to her parents sing in harmony together on long road trips from Far North Queensland to Brisbane

Ninindi began her musical performance career at the Blackboard Nights of Port Douglas in the late 1990s. She took a break from this to raise six beautiful children, and complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts from James Cook University.

In 2002, she released her debut album 'Water'. This was created in response to the water crisis in Australia, and recorded by Imants “Freddie” Strauks, former drummer of the hit Aussie band The Skyhooks.

'Ninindi has performed at the Maleny UpFront Club with Nathanial Combs, John Gould, and Lee Hardisty, where she has been praised for her vibrant and uplifting vocals and magnetic self-expression.' Fellow musician Danny Rose later commented that ‘Ninindi has had great reactions from the audience. She has excellent pitch and engages the audience with her direct approach and clear lyrics’. Ninindi has also performed at festivals in Crystal Waters and Nambour and is a busker in Maleny, and a soloist with local vocal performance group Mouth Orchestra and is currently developing a community band with Ian Draaisma, Juliet Schlaepfer, Beans Maries, and Macdonald Hamilton. When she’s not performing with others, she captures the essence of other people’s stories and transforms them into songs, exploring themes of expansive love, overcoming challenges, and self-reflection.

Ninindi means “river running free, flowing like a river” and is a name that is a combination of words from two Indigenous languages. This describes the spirit of her music well, a lively combination of joyful inspiration and emotional expressiveness. Her sound is deeply resonant and ancestral, channeling intuitive messages that empower and inspire.