Ninindi's Music


'Water of Life' is the Essence of life.

The intrinsic nature of our bodies - made of water.

The imagery I have in mind when singing this purely vocal-instrumental piece of music is the crackling of a creek as it whips down the stream over rapids and rocks, so is the flow of blood in our veins as we live our life with challenges and flowing to a  destination.

This music is designed to be a celebration of life.  And a meditation tool to grow your inner power and live a life you love. 

'Look Into My ~eyes~'

This song is sung in a mellow groove with cat-like grace. The lyrics reflect how our views of people and the world are made up of our perceptions and are not necessarily true to reality.

We often make up stories about others that are not a statement of facts. They are a figment of our imagination.

'Ninindi has one of the most healing, mother earth voices. If you have a spare 20 minutes please drop in to experience her sound. You can also purchase her music, just ask her and she will show you how. ♥' - Grace Hart