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With the Song Meister

Ninindi is a talented musician and song writer who captures the soul and essence of people’s feelings and expresses that in her music. A great talent!!”  - Jeff Mustard

Imagine the utter delight someone will feel when you give them their very own song?

A special gift for a special someone..

When You Order A Song..

Written and produced by Ninindi from your story, for your special someone, be prepared to have them thank you profusely.

Music has the unique power to carry people away into another world; to penetrate the heart's and minds of people all around the world.

A song written and produced specifically from your words is a powerful gift to share with anyone.

Discover exactly what it means to have a custom song made to order using your story, your message, your potential..
“Love love the song!! You are amazing! So catchy!! I can’t get it out of my head lol.” - Jo McInnes
”If you ever want to experience real talent and connection, Ninindi has the most Amazing Voice and Original Songs” - Bobbie Clark
Take a song with you wherever you go!

Get your very own song with the Song Meister for Your Loved One's
Your Audience, Your Loving Self

*Couples/Occasions currently only custom song experience available for purchase.

Song Examples:

BitPulse Video Track: Custom pro bono soundtrack, written and produced by Ninindi for BitPulse Project Funding platform based on Bitcoin.
Higher Key Official Music Video Track: Custom pro bono soundtrack, written and produced by Ninindi for Higher Key network. A group of people who gather together for global issues.
Order your song today so someone in your life is made very, very happy!...
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